There is a world which intersects the world of people. We see it, but we do not truly see it. We hear it, but we do not truly hear it.That world is the world of birds.In that other world which is bound together with our own, songbirds collect knowledge, but they have no way to write what they know. They have only their voices. Everywhere they are singing what they know. It is combined with their regular songs and calls.Their songs began when the first birds leapt into the air and flew. They called out in amazement to all creation about the miraculous gift they had been given. They were the first animals to ever make a sound, and what a grand sound that must have been as they discovered flight.Everything birds have ever learned from that most ancient beginning is in the air all the time. It is being repeated and carried around the world by songbirds. That way, when one of them dies, no knowledge is lost. It continues. It must continue.This is why the songbirds call themselves The Living Library.

Several of many working covers. The one in the upper left carries the emblem of The Living Library (a chimney swift). The one on the upper right has a worn vintage look which fits the premise of the series. The one to the left fits in a most curious way.

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